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Create tasks, collect content, manage your team, and supercharge your event with Atendy. All your event, in one easy to manage place.

Industry leaders trust Atendy with their events.

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Do more with your content

Make planning, collecting, and distributing your event a breeze.

With Atendy you can create customized content structures so you can collect the info you want and then distribute that content to other channels like your event website or app.

Create tasks, set goals, and manage your team from the same place your collecting your event content.

Atendy will help you manage the event planning and collecting process and help you stay on track to reach your goals.

Powerful Add Ons.

Turn your content into experiences with Atendy Add ons. Use the content you already have to engage with users on different levels of your event.

Everything you need

for any

type of event

Quickly upload your events information to create a new event.

Copy existing events
Automatically add tasks based on event type
Edit details at any time

Accelerate your event planning by completing the Launch Checklist.

Automatically adds items based on Atendy Add Ons
Helpful Tutorials to make completing the checklist a breeze

Keep your team, yourself, and your event moving in the right direction with the Atendy task manager. Thousands of details go into every event, make sure you are staying on track.

Create Task Categories
Jump start your event with task templates
Assign tasks to team members

The successfulness of an event is often hard to quantify, but setting goals will help you and your team stay on track and make sure you all have the same end goal in mind.

Create your own internal goals
Set weekly reoccurring goals

Create a customized structure for your event content so you make sure you are collecting exactly what you need.

Customize our pre-built collections
Create custom forms to distribute
Upload Files

Make your impact

No matter what type of event you are planning, we have a solution.

In-person Events

Manage all your in-person event in one place. From venue contacts to content for your mobile app.

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Hybrid Events

Take control of your event content and transition in-person content to virtual content.

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Virtual Events

Manage all your virtual content and connect it to our Virtual Venue.

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Internal Meetings

Keep track of all your important information for your upcoming meeting. Add team members and collaborate.

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Keep everything moving

For any size event or team

Managing all your events moving pieces in one place. Use our pre-built task templates or create your own, set up goals and invite your team.

Create an Event

Upload your event details, branding, and get your event moving in the right direction using our launch checklist .

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Set Tasks and Goals

Set yourself up for success by creating tasks and goals for the event. Set priorities and assign them to team members.

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Invite your Team

Get all hands on the same deck by adding your event team to your event and keep track of who is working on what.

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Support Built in

We are focused on making your event life easier

We provide users with in app support every step of the way, making it easy and stress-free to plan and execute an amazing event. From idea generation to problem solving we got you!

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